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Welcome to Vallarta by Boat, a Company with World Class Quality

For 5 years we have been concerned to offer Foreign Tourism, National and Local Market, Tourist Tours by Sea that we offer in our 6 traditional boats SARAPE, VALLARTA SOL, CATALINA, GERONIMO, SHAMBALLA EL AMIGO, a tradition that has formed over the years thanks to the preference of our customers and the excellent service that has always recommended us.


Satisfy and exceed the expectations of our customers (tourists, employees and shareholders), through service, professionalism, safety and above all world class quality, in each of our tours, permanently preserve the natural resources of which we use daily, and to effectively manipulate and conserve the various foods that we offer our customers in each of our tours.


In Vallarta by Boat, quality is adopted permanently and is our Flag; we handle it with total professionalism, to achieve International, National and Local recognition, in the sectors of Service, Environment and Food Safety

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This is sample of sub title.

CLIENTS.- The reason for existing of our Company.

COLLABORATORS: The most precious asset of Cruceros Princesa.

SERVICE.- Do with emotion, professionalism and even with passion what is necessary for our clients (internal and external) to satisfy their needs and exceed their expectations. This Spirit of Service will be reflected in the personal and professional improvement of our Collaborators and in the development of their quality of life.

HONESTY.- Emanates from the individual. It means to do better and better our work to create our Clients a confidence that assures them the satisfaction of their needs and to exceed their expectations and in this way the progress of the Company. Also create total trust with suppliers to ensure absolute seriousness and transparency in their transactions with the Company.

HONORITY.- The individual who proceeds rightly manages to respect the dignity of Clients, suppliers, Collaborators and the Company itself.

DISCIPLINE.- Represents an effort to maintain an order and personal consistency in benefit of the service and attention to our Clients, in the relationship with our Collaborators and the Company. Redundate in sustained personal and professional growth.

CONGRUENCE.- Involves always acting according to our models and purposes and if these are high, so will the effort to reach them, maintain them and overcome them.

SINCERITY.- To always be authentic people so that the attention to our clients reflects purity and simplicity.

TRUTH.- Act always with the truth before the clients, suppliers, collaborators and the company.

CREATIVITY.- Providing and proposing innovative ideas, beyond what we are ordered and beyond what the competition does, we will achieve a fresh company that makes our customers want to continue buying our tours.

DEMAND.- Revealing against mediocrity and seeking the path of excellence in ourselves and our collaborators.

BENEVOLENCE.- Treat with affection, consideration and goodwill our clients, collaborators and society in general as we would like to be treated, without confusing this attitude with irresponsibility.

EQUALITY.- Ability to maintain clear and impartial reasoning in difficult situations with greatness of mind.

PATIENCE.- Involves the ability to maintain attention and concern even when the circumstances are not favorable. Allows the time necessary to mature our success.

PERSEVERANCE.- Keep the spirit renewed with the vision towards our purposes and resolutions and always looking for the best way to reach them.

RESPONSIBILITY.- The ability to respond to our actions and to commit ourselves to things.

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